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Welcome to Diecast Gems. I am  Phil Silvester, a collector of diecast toys for over 40 years. This site has been launched to provide a new source of quality diecast models for sale to the discerning collector.

Dinky 274  Joseph MasonsPaint

Mini Van

Corgi Farm Gift 22

Very Rare


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El Camino

Credit card logos

    Dinky 39d

       Buick Viceroy

Corgi 497

Man from Uncle


Corgi 267

  1st Issue Batmobile

Spot-On 106A/OC Austin Prime Mover with crate. Rare colour PM.

 Dinky  998

Bristol Britannia Canadian Pacific


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We are now seeking collections to sell on your behalf whether on commission or outright for our customers.

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Phil has just completed the draft of his latest article which will be first announced in a near coming future issue of 'Model Collector' so please keep a look out for this.  We have now also added a download section where you can read published articles. CLICK HERE.


Wishing you all a successful month in your collecting.

Houten Holland. 19th April

This month we will be arranging a trip to Houten toyfair in the middle of the month.


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