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Welcome to Diecast Gems, owned and run by Phil Silvester, collector of diecast toys for over 40 years. My site has been designed to showcase a source of quality information and diecast models for sale for the discerning collector. Welcome.


Mobile: 07973 563476

Landline 01297 678250

Latest additions...

Corgi, Jaguar Mk10

Wishing you all a successful month in your collecting.

Corgi 200M Ford Consul Blue mechanical. Mint. Very Scarce. £525.

Corgi 225 Austin Seven Rare Lemon. Almost Mint.  Sold £470



Latest News

We are now seeking collections to sell on your behalf whether on commission or outright for our customers.

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Customers are now actively ringing the hotline to see whats in back stock before coming to the website. Why don't you call Phil on 01297 678250 to see if we can help you with your wants list.

Sought after Corgi 238 Jaguar Mk 10 in scarce Kingfisher blue with a lemon interior. 

Sold £325

Buying & Selling


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Corgi 435 Rare Promotional Dunlop Karrier Bantam Van complete. £1250

Corgi 232 Fiat 2100. Two tone Lilac. About Mint. £135

Marklin 8024 Porsche Police Car Scarce. £315

July 26th 2018

Apolgies for the lack of new content. This is due to extensive time being spent on my new website I hope to launch very soon.

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    Solido models just arrived.

Special Announcement.

A new website is currently being designed with many new features. This will incorporate both Diecastgems and dinkyforsale websites into one.



New arrivals for August. Please enquire if not yet listed.

Corgi 242 Ghia Fiat600 Jolly. Very Scarce. Sold £530

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Corgi 233 Heinkel Bubble Car. Bright Red version. £130



Marklin 8023 Turntable Fire Engine. £185

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