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Welcome to Diecast Gems, owned and run by Phil Silvester, collector of diecast toys for over 40 years. My site has been designed to showcase a source of quality information and diecast models for sale for the discerning collector. Welcome.


Mobile: 07973 563476

Landline 01297 678250

Latest additions...

Corgi, Jaguar Mk10

Wishing you all a successful month in your collecting.

Corgi Toys 202 Morris Oxford Two Tone Blue   £195.

Corgi 270 James Bond Aston Martin with scarce Dark red interior & Wing box. Sold £525



Latest News

We are now seeking collections to sell on your behalf whether on commission or outright for our customers.

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Customers are now actively ringing the hotline to see whats in back stock before coming to the website. Why don't you call Phil on 01297 678250 to see if we can help you with your wants list.

Spot-On 106A/OC Prime Mover with MGA crate load. 

Sold £595

Buying & Selling


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Corgi 1110 Bedford Mobilgas Petrol Tanker with later shaped spun wheels. Sold £295

Corgi 232 Fiat 2100. Two tone Lilac. About Mint. £135

Marklin 8024 Porsche Police Car Scarce. Sale £265

    Marklin 8036 Kaelble Dumper Truck  Sold £160

Corgi 380

BMW M1 Gold plated limited Issue Scarce. £160

Corgi 404 Bedford Dormobile. Later Spun wheels. £420

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Spot-On 184 Austin A60 & Ski's Sold £220


Important Notice

All new Corgi model entries are now being listed onto www.diecastgems.net and no further models will be entered onto this site post 1st Oct 2019. 

This website is still active and will be kept up to date.

Corgi 245 Buick Riviera Metallic Blue Sold £130

Corgi 213

Jaguar Fire Chief Car Unboxed. £140

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