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The Fordson Thames Flat Truck was released by Dinky in 1951 based on the real truck produced by the Ford Motor Co through its UK production division. I have included a photo of the real truck and it is easy to see the Meccano designers eye for detail.


Released initially as a small commercial by dinky, it was sold in a trade box of 6 under its initial coding 30r. As with many models renumbering took place in 1954 and became 422 being given its own individual box. Its run came to an end in 1960.


As far as I am aware there were only four colours released two shades of green, red and the rarest brown. The very last models produced and I have seen very few, came with M tyres but more importantly occasionally the late black shiny base plate.


Models will display there early or second life numbering on the underside but some models are un-numbered.



All models had smooth tyres and standard base plate.

Sold from trade box of 6.


•Green with matching wheels.

•Red with matching wheels.

•Brown with maroon wheels.

•Dark Green with green wheels.



Transitional renumbering period. All above models can be found with un- numbered bases. Dual individual boxes.



All models repeated but now with usually 422 on base and own 422 box.


Valuation guide for Mint and near mint boxes.

•      30r un-boxed. Green, Dark green, or Red---------80-100

•      Brown with maroon wheels.--------------------------225-300


Boxed items either dual or 422 guide.

•      Green, Dark Green or Red---------------------------140-180

•      Brown with maroon wheels dual box

only base can be either 30r or un-numbered----------300-350


1960 approx

Late models produced using M Tyres with a black gloss shiny base.

These are uncommon and therefore may achieve a higher than guided price.

Dinky Fordson

Fordson Flat Truck Real lorry

Fordson Thames Flat Truck.


IMG_2092 IMG_2093 IMG_2095 IMG_2097 IMG_2096 IMG_2094

Rare Issue in Brown with maroon wheels

Dark Green with green wheels