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ASC (Japan) James Bond Aston Martin. Rare. Tinplate.

£590.00 (Sold out)

ASC (Japan) James Bond Aston Martin. Rare. Tinplate.

This is a rare tin plate silver Aston Martin battery operated action car. It has a pasenger ejector seat and opening roof. It also operates hidden front front machine guns and bumper extenders a rear bullet proof screen that goes up and down and lights up with sound when operated.Great chrome work.

Condition. Very, Near Mint.
Amazing condition. Hardly a mark and no rusting or corrosion. There is a slight dent in left rear side panel and that is about it. The passenger has lost some of his painted black hair.
2 x 1.5 Volt LR20 batteries fit inside the base cover. This model HAS been tested. The car will propel itself operate the flashing lights with sound to the machine guns and front over riders and the bullet proof screen will go up and down. The car stops then restarts and will continue until you turn off. The operation of the ejector seat has not been accomplished but it does not mean it doesn't work I have just not been successful. You can push open the ejector roof and put the passenger onto the spring but closing in the right position appears a tricky operation.

Box. Excellent Plus.
Complete with two polystyrene end pieces and no damage.All corners to top and base are sound with no repairs.

Summary.Rare and in great condition. When will the next one come along.