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Corgi  406 Land-Rover (109 WB). Very, Near Mint.

£140.00 (Sold out)

Corgi  406 Land-Rover (109 WB). Very, Near Mint.

Early version with flat wheels. Issued 1957-62.

Finished in metallic blue with a cream roof and flat silver wheels. A hook at the rear with spare wheel bonnet mounted. No suspension.

Condition. Very Near Mint.
A beautiful bright example. Just a couple of tiny box rubs on the ceam roof from mint. Striking example.

Box  Mint.
A lovely bright example of this early blue box. So fresh. Pencil pricing one endand some initials. Includes an early product range leaflet within.

A very nice bright example of this attractive Land -Rover. You will not find a much better box than this one. Great display piece.