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Corgi “Rallye Monte Carlo” game manufactured by Fernel

£700.00 (Sold out)

Corgi “Rallye Monte Carlo” game manufactured by Fernel

Corgi “Rallye Monte Carlo” game manufactured by Fernel Developments Ltd containing 2 Morris Mini Minor both finished in lilac blue with red interior “1967 Rallye Monte Carlo” decals- both have silver spun wheels with racing numbers 1 & 9 decals applied.
Contents include- 2 games controllers - 2 dice shakers and 2 dice - game cards - both cars - only 1 black plastic base insert for car - Polystyrene base – Rules are on box lid underside.

Condition. Near Mint.
Both cars about mint except both steering wheels are loose and occasional sticky mark around decals. Both models have the holes drilled in base correct for this game. The contents are very nice and about mint. The inner polystyrene tray is mint with no damage.

Box. Excellent.
The box base is strong with no tears but has stains on base side. The top lid top left and bottom right corners are torn but it is strong overall. Possibly staining not sure maybe within the artwork I cannot tell.

A very scarce game and Corgi collecting piece of memorabilia with very nice Mini cars. You don’t see this set very often and in this condition.