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Corgi 104 Dolphin 20 Cruiser on Trailer. Rare Colour.

£300.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 104 Dolphin 20 Cruiser on Trailer. Rare Colour. Issued 1965-69.

This is a Rare unrecorded colour normally found in blue. I have placed a blue boat for comparison only. Only the rare colour offered for sale. The first example I have ever seen.

An excellent example in grey-green over white with a blue outboard engine and over an orange winch trailer. The helmsman is present. A red and white transfer on the roof. The wheels on the trailer are flat silver style.

Condition. Near Mint.
The top transfer is complete but a very slight crack in it. The plastic boat may benefit from some attention to cleaning with care. The trailer is near mint with only minor wear. Please study the pictures. If any further pictures required please ask.

Box. Near Mint.
An equally nice box with Ex shop appearance with a fresh card appearance. No pricing. This item has come from a long standing and knowledgeable Corgi collector with a very large collection now releasing any duplication's from his collection and offered for sale through Diecast Gems.

A most surprising rarity and the first I have ever seen.