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Corgi 1102 Euclid TC-12 Tractor with Blade & driver

£105.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 1102 Euclid TC-12 Tractor with Blade & driver. Issued 1963-66.

A superb Euclid in lime green with silver fronted dozer blade. The hydraulic arms are covered in black plastic and a loose driver to show its an 1107 and later model though it comes in a 1102 box.

Condition. Almost Mint.
Apart from a couple of marks on the front blade it's hard to find another. It has a day one sheenand the black tractor blades are very nice. Everything operates as it should.

Box. Excellent.
A strong box with no split corners or damage. Some age wear now. It also has the inner packing stand for the model to rest on.

So nice to find this good and as a later version not very common.  Deserves to be displayed.