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Corgi 1144 Chipperfields Circus Crane Scammel Hanyman Cab.

£385.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 1144 Chipperfields Circus Crane Scammel Hanyman Cab. Issued 1969-72.

The model is in the Chipperfields livery of blue and red with a chromed silver jib & hook and chrome platform base. The cab has a red interior with silver cast wheels and large grip black tyres. There is advertising 'Come to the Circus' on one side of the jib base.
The plastic case that holds the Rhino has a red lug on the top for the lifting and is un-opened with its internal packing. The box is a large window box with pictorial graphics on the reverse and the model sits within a white plastic bubble mould.

Condition. Almost Mint.
Stored away for many years this model has had no play wear. There are three tiny nicks I believe as produced from the factory. It has a day one presence. The Rhino and cage are mint.

Box. Near Mint.
The inner plastic mould is mint. The outer box has no damage and the cellophane is fully intact. The box top has a little crumpling which has resulted in the cellophane having minor crinkling.

A hard set to find with only a short production run. Rare to find this good.