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Corgi 201 Austin Cambridge Saloon

£153.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 201 Austin Cambridge Saloon.  Near Mint  Issued 1956-1961

This was one of the first Corgi produced and released in its first year of production. A series of different cars were made and produced in free roll and mechanical friction motors. Both model variants were produced in various colour options. All these early Corgi model cars were released with window glazing.

This model is in Turquoise with flat spun hubs non mechanical version

Condition.  Near Mint.
Paintwork has a lovely bright sheen. Model has some very minor box rubbing on side raised edges and a few tiniest nicks the most noteworthy one on the back left corner roof edge and on front left wing. Tyres and wheels are perfect. The base is fine but just starting to show minor pitting.

Box.   Excellent.
Complete with all flaps and no repairs. Flaps still quite tight. Minor grubbiness and wear. But very presentable.

Cabinet or showroom quality.