Diecast Gems


Corgi 201 Volvo P.1800 The 'Saint's Car'. Very Rare version.

£1,450.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 201 Volvo P.1800 The 'Saint's Car'. Very Rare version. with gold wheels and red  hub caps.

'Diecast Gem'.
One in similar condition was sold by Vectis Auctions on the 24 January 2015 for £2200 + commision approx £2750

The early 'Saint' Cars released under number 258 was first introduced in 1965 and withdrawn in 1970 with various changes to the finish. In 1970 it was released again in a window box advertising 'whizzwheels' and then withdrawn in 1972. I am not sure when this was released or whether a full release or proto type but this version has gold wheels with red hub caps looking far superior to the whizzwheel version. The familiar characteristics are there with a white body, deep yellow interior, 'Saint' driver and the red label bonnet. The base is grey  with Whizzwheels upon it and the tyres black.

Condition. Near Mint.
Possibly a little harsh with the grading but there are  4 tiniest nicks around the left side window and the red label slightly aged. However being super critical this is in amazing condition and a fantastic gem of a model to add to your collection.

Box. Near Mint
Fresh card with complete original un-damaged cellophane window. Slight pressure crease on rear panel. A previous owner has written '358' below the 201 box number at each end.

A rare opportunity that may never come again. For the serious Corgi and Film & TV collector. A superb piece.