Diecast Gems


Corgi 202 Morris Cowley. Scarce. Issued 1956-61. Reduced from £425

£375.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 202 Morris Cowley. Issued 1956-61

This is the nice two tone version and becoming hard to find especially in shop fresh condition. With a blue canopy and pale green lower body it has the earlier flat silver wheels.

Condition. Very, very, near mint.
This model has a really nice shiny original look about it. There are a few very minor imperfections around the lower edges which the pictures will show, and a couple of spots on the roof probably caused through a box rubbing a tiny mark on the nose. I believe this model has been stored away for years never seeing the light of day. Look at the box! There is a day one freshness about it.

Box. Mint.
Absolute perfection. Stunning. Not even a rub mark and no pricing.

Showroom quality. You will not find a better box than this.