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Corgi 204M Metallic Green Rover 90 Mechanical.

£270.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 204M Metallic Green Rover 90 Mechanical. Issued 1956-59. Very, Near Mint.


Metallic Green body with silver flat wheels and the black mechanical base plate. Inside the early blue box is a nice condition model list of early Corgi.

Condition.  Very, Near Mint.
Just a few tiny nicks which seem to be mainly around the front left wheel arch edges. Otherwise a beautiful example. The motor works well and they wheels, tyres and base plate are all without marking. Not an easy find.

Box. Excellent Plus.
This early blue box is complete and has no tears, repairs or surface damage. There is a little edge wear but overall still a very nice box. Nice it retains the early model list leaflet.

A very nice example of this hard to find colour with a very good box.