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Corgi 218 Aston Martin DB4  Criss-cross wheels.

£275.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1960-62

Scarce issue

This is scarce issue with cast criss-cross wheels and open bonnet vent. It has an Oranget-Red body with bright yellow interior and fine treaded tyres. This example has full silvered front and rear bumpers both topside and from below.

Condition  Almost Mint.
A superb example which looks mint.. There is just a minor wear mark on the edge of the open vent on the bonnet if you look carefully.  The working suspension is perfect and it has nice tyres-wheels and 218 slightly darker grey base plate.base

Box   Near mint
Complete box with firm end flaps and no damage.  A very nice box. Pencil pricing is at one end.

Always an attractive model, and a hard to find wheel issue.