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Corgi 221 Chevrolet New York Taxi Cab. Issued 1960-63

£160.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 221 Chevrolet Nerw York Taxi Cab. Issued 1960-63

Deep yellow body with red interior and flat spun wheels.  There is an areal and a roof taxi sign.

Condition. Very near mint.
Apart from a little rubbing on the roof sign and stray splashes of factory silver on the roof near the sign there is no fault to this model Stunning condition with an equally nice box. The wheels, tyres and base are all un-marked.

Box. Near Mint.
Fresh like day 1 just a couple of creases to stop a mint grade. It retains nice crisp end flaps which have a tight fit.

A very nice model and equally nice box ready for display.