Diecast Gems


Corgi 246 Chrysler Imperial. Scarce issie with green interior.

£275.00 (Sold out)

Supplied from the boyhood 'Wiltshire collection'

Scarce issue with green interior usually pale blue.

Issued 1965-68.

This is an attractive open top American car in deep red with a pale green interior and  cast wheels. It also has an opening bonnet and boot with a driver and his lady out for a spin. In the boot is kept his beloved golf clubs and trolley. Independent suspension all round. It comes in a blue and yellow picture box.

Condition. About Mint.
Just one tiny box rub at a rear wing tip from mint. A wonderful example with this scarce green interior often missing ina Corgi collection. No other faults to record.

Box. Mint.
A shop fresh box with the original shop keepers price label 'Hobby's corner' Swindon. Mint members leaflet within and the often missing packing ring.

A wonderful model in a superb box. Scarce and museum quality.