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Corgi 275 Rover 2000TC 'Golden Jacks' Brown Interior.

£160.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 275 Rover 2000TC 'Golden Jacks' Brown Interior. Issued 1968-70.

Finished in metallic sage green with amber tinted glass and sun roof. The cast wheels have a spare in the external boot mounted case and the wheels are the 'golden jack' take off type.

Condition. Almost Mint.
Perfect paint work and appears as though rarely taken out of its window box. There is a tiny rub on front bumper.

Box. Near Mint.
A very nice box and inner stand. A couple of small marks at each box end and a previous owners comment on an inside flap in pencil regarding the amount paid and the date of purchase.

Super bright example and a model I believe will increase in demand in the future.