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Corgi 275 Rover 2000TC 'Golden Jacks'  Scarce Red Interior.

£270.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 275 Rover 2000TC 'Golden Jacks' Scarce Red  Interior. Issued 1968-70.

Finished in metallic sage green with amber tinted glass and sun roof. This example has the scarce RED interior. The cast wheels have a spare in the external boot mounted case and the wheels are the 'golden jack' take off type. Finished with jewelled headlights.

Condition.  Mint.
Has this model ever been removed from the box apart from me, it looks that good. No blemishes to record. Gleaming chrome work. Outstanding piece.

Box. Near Mint.
A very nice box and inner stand which looks fresh. There is a fine hairline crack in the cellophane.

Super bright scarce example and a model I believe will increase in demand in the future.