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Corgi 277 Monkees ‘Monkeemobile’ Mint.

£425.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 277 Monkees ‘Monkeemobile’ Mint. Issued 1968-72.

A special custom adapted motor car released and based on the popular pop group at the time 'The Monkees' who were also given there own TV show. I can still here ringing in my ears ‘Here come the Monkees’. This example barely handled and in mint condition is in gleaming red finish with cut bonnet section and raised custom chromed engine. The roof is textured in white and relies on sunny days with no side or rear glazing. Cast spoke wheels and bright chrome work. It also has fully independent working suspension.

Condition. Mint.
There is nothing else to say except, it is shop stock and without even a manufacturing flaw. Perfect yellow transfers on each side. All four of the band are inside but this was a time before compulsory safety belts!

Box.  Mint.
The window box is about perfect. Bright card both in the outer box and inner stand.  It retains great shape and showing no normal wear. The cellophane is original and without damage.

A superb example. Museum quality.