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Corgi 302 Hillman Hunter Rally car with Kangaroo.

£270.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 302 Hillman Hunter Rally car with Kangaroo.
Issued 1969-72. Only 151,000 were issued.

This model in blue with a white roof has a grey interior and metal cast golden jack take off wheels. There are two spot lamps and on the roof an opening suitcase and two spare wheels. The front red protector bar holds one additional jewelled spot lamp in addition to the duelled front headlamps.
It has a fully un-applied transfer sheet.
Condition. Almost Mint.
This model has had no play wear but after careful scrutiny tiny mark at one wheel arch. The Kangaroo is in attendance.

Box. Mint.
This is a lovely box with no cellophane split and houses the instructions and corgi membership leaflet which are also mint.

Hard to improve this is a very nice example of a popular and not easy to find model in this condition. Cabinet show quality.