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Corgi 305 Triumph TR3. Issued 1960-63.

£150.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 305 Triumph TR3. Issued 1960-63.

This model I believe was only ever issued in this one colour of metallic lime green with red seats. However the it was issued with both flat and shaped spun wheels. This is the early type with flat wheels, a silver steering wheel, windscreen and attractive silvering.

Condition. Near mint.
There is a little marking around the body more like scratches, shown through the pictures, with two little marks at the back of the tonneau and a red tiny smudge on the tonneau behind the passengers seat. All the marks are minor with no notable chips. The windscreen is perfect, with no scratches as is the wheels.

Box. Mint.
The box is pristine suggesting the marks possibly are from the factory to the model.

Very presentable with a perfect box.