Diecast Gems


Corgi 380 BMW M1 Gold. Special Promtional.


Corgi 380 Gold plated finish BMW M1. Rare. Issued 1981 only.


Believed only to be 144 of these special promotionals ever made.This was a stunning model produced as 'The Great Book of Corgi' page 413 describes as vacuum gold plated finish.

Finished in plated gold with a light grey and black interior, chrome engine parts and chrome cast wheels. The rear engine  is revealed through a lift up boot end.

Condition. Mint.
No faults to record. S stunning model.

Box. Near Mint.
A lovely window box with a yellow interior. Complete celophane with no splits now showing just minor external wear. Still retains the protector strip to stop the boot closing and the model is still mounted on the original clips below the card.

Rare and stunning model and difficult to value. Offers considered.