Diecast Gems


Corgi 318 Lotus Elan S2. White. 'Tiger in Tank' Rare issue.

£695.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1965-67

Rare Issue with 'Cast' wheels.

Stunning model finished in scarce white with a black interior and on the boot a 'Tiger in your tank' transfer. Scarce with the normal silver shaped spun wheels this is the first example I have ever offered for sale with the rare 'Cast' wheels. There is also a full sheet of unapplied RN5 stickers a rare packing piece and mint membership leaflet.

Condition. Mint.
Pristine example and no faults to record. A rare and outstanding piece. A true 'Diecast Gem'.

Box. Mint.
Equally lovelybox shop fresh.

Rare and not often seen this is a perfect example.