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Corgi 322 Monte Carlo Rover 2000.

£295.00 (Sold out)

Supplied from 'The Wiltshire Collection'
Issued 1963-66.

This is a very nice sought after car from the Monte Carlo racing series. In metallic burgundy with a white roof and red interior. It has silver shaped spun wheels, tread black tyres and a grey base. Nice feature the 'trans-o-lite headlights and all round suspension.  It comes in the blue and yellow picture box with special release sticker and has the club membership leaflet.

Condition. Very, Near Mint.
Beautiful paint work with hardly a blemish. Most would say mint and probably as made. There is an occasional micro mark  probably within the casting and a stray orange dot on the front right wing. The transfers about perfect just the minutest nick on the bonnet front edge. The tyres, wheels and base very nice.
Box. Very, Near Mint.
A complete box with no damage or repairs and nice to have the special release sticker applied. Only the most minimal age wear. No pricing.

A sought after model and beautiful example. The best I have seen for a long time.