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Corgi 322 Rover 2000. Issued 1963-66.

£310.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 322 Rover 2000. Issued 1963-66.

Scarce Metallic Plum (like the Monte Carlo).

Superb example from the USA ‘Carolina’ collection.

This is a very nice scarce Rover in metallic plum with silver shaped spun wheels an off white interior and all round suspension. It has the ‘Trans-O-lite’ headlamps. It comes in the blue and yellow picture box and has the club membership leaflet. A UK price sticker is on one end.

Condition. Very, near mint.
Other than a tiny scratch on the roof (surface only not to metal) and occasional light box rubs to bumpers there is no fault. There is the remnant of a remaining sticker on the base.

Box. Near mint.
This is a  very nice box with UK price label at one end. There are small creases one end to hold back a mint grade but very nice.

A scarce item and a beauty.