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Corgi 330 Porsche Carrera 6. Scarce variation.

£145.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 330 Porsche Carrera 6. Issued 1967-69.

A superb example with white body, red panels and the harder to find 'yellow ' glass engine cover with racing numbers '60'. It has cast wheels, Porsche advertising on the boot with RN’s on doors and bonnet. A white driver with blue helmet is within.

Condition. Almost Mint.
An excellent example with no paint fault. The transfers are very nice though the transfer at the back has the most minor loss at two edges. it’s just stunning. Please study the pictures.

Box. Almost Mint.
An equally nice box with Ex shop appearance it is fresh looking the most minor crumple at one end only from mint.

Lovely scarce colour in fresh condition. Showroom quality.