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Corgi 336 James Bond Toyota 2000GT. Mint.

£475.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 336 James Bond Toyota 2000GT. Mint. Issued 1967-69

Superb example and the best I have had. Stunning white Toyota with a black interior and cast wire wheels. There is an opening boot that fires the rockets complete with both men a red aerial and jewelled lights.

Condition Mint.
Wonderful condition all round. Unusually the boot stays closed when required rather than partly flips open. There is a sealed instruction bag. A tiny mark on top wing I am sure from the factory.

Box. Mint.
Complete with superb inner stand and outer box. Great graphics and as bright and fresh as the day purchased. There is both the protector ring to protect the aerial and windscreen and the model surround packing piece. All as crisp as the first day.

As good as they come and so nice to see with all packing and instruction pack as sold originally. Stored away for over 40 years.