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Corgi 436 Citroen Safari ID19 + Rare 'Point of Sale' poster.

£295.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 436 Citroen Safari ID19. Very, Near Mint + Rare 'Point of Sale' poster. Issued 1963-64.

Despite only a short production period, 525,000 units were sold which shows how popular a release this model was. However with this model is a rare opportunity to purchase  a 'New This Month' point of sale poster that has remained in terrific condition. This is part of a wonderful collection of mint models stored away from the early days and just brought out of storage.

Finished in yellow-orange with a brown interior, driver and passenger and roof storage it comes with shaped spun wheels a two part opening tailgate and 'Wild Life Preservation' bonnet transfer. It has a grey  base not numbered and comes with a mint members leaflet within. In addition is a shop keepers window poster 'New This Month' which rarely comes to the market particularly in this fine condition.

Condition. Very, Near Mint.
Superb bright example that has barely seen the light of day. Tiny mark at front of bonnet and a couple of box rubs at rear lights. Otherwise superb. Mint members leaflet and window poster.

Box. Very, Near Mint.
Superb box, bright and fresh just minor grubby marks.

A popular model in super condition with a wonderful window poster to enhance any display.