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Corgi 464 Commer Police Van ‘City’. Issued 1967-68.

£470.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 464 Commer Police Van ‘City’. Issued 1967-68.

Scarce variation and only a short production run.

Superb example from the USA ‘Carolina’ collection.

This is the metallic blue version with large red roof light with red interior and shaped spun wheels. On each side are the transfers ‘City Police’ not the usual ‘County’. It has a removable top section which I have not activated as this can lead to scratching. An attractive model and scarce. It comes in the blue and yellow picture box.

Condition. Very, near mint.
There is just an occasional box rub showing on the front bumper edge and a few minor scratches around the back doors area. All faults restricted to those two areas.

Box. Near Mint.
A very nice box and which still retains the special instruction sheet and packing ring within. Just the start of minor wear.Pencil pricing to one end.

A sought after scarce variation with all the bits and a nice box.