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Corgi 464 Commer Police Van ‘County Police’

£140.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 464 Commer Police Van ‘County Police’ Issued 1967-68 Only.

This is the first issue in metallic blue with spun shaped wheels, a red interior and large blue roof light. It has the ‘County Police’ transfers to each side. The back canopy is removable and shows the battery fixture inside for the light.

Condition. Near Mint.
There are occasional minor marks and some stray factory silver smudges on the roof one side door and opposite side window pillar. There are box rubs but no chips on the rear bumper. The transfers are perfect and un-broken.

Box.  Mint.
Superb fresh box with strong flaps. Pencil price one end.

A lovely model with an even better box. Waiting for display.