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Corgi 472 Public Address Vehicle. Issued 1964-66.

£140.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 472 Public Address Vehicle. Issued 1964-66.

’Vote for Corgi’ Land Rover with man and lady ready to seek your vote. The Land Rover is in mid green with red interior and silver spun shaped wheels. The yellow plastic top section with speakers, has transfers either side, with the man in a swivel position standing. The lady is free standing giving out the leaflets. It has fully working independent suspension.

Condition. Very, near mint.
The Land Rover has just minor rubs on the front bumper corners. The paintwork has a nice fresh appearance. The top section has a little staining around the complete transfers with no breaks. The wheels, tyres and base are like new and suspension fully functional.

Box. Excellent.
A nice box overall, but now signs of wear appearing with a little grubbiness. One end flap has some perforation along the folding seam but no repairs done and not required in my opinion.

A nice sought after model and very presentable.