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Corgi 487 Chipperfields Circus Landrover

£145.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 487 Chipperfields Circus Landrover Parade Vehicle. Issued 1965-69.

Red Landrover with blue open box section and silver spun wheels. Yellow interior with a grey base. Two original figures including the clown and his monkey. Fine black treaded tyres.

Condition. Mint.
Without fault. Stunning and a fresh appearance as if it was just produced. Not even a scratch to the base.

Box. Almost Mint.
The box has a fresh appearance but has a couple of minor creases. Minimal wear. No inner packing piece. There is a  club leaflet within.      

As nice as they come and over 50 years old. Such a colourful model and part of the Chipperfields Circus original Corgi range.