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Corgi 492 Volkswagen Beetle European Police Car.

£195.00 (Sold out)

Supplied from 'The Wiltshire' collection.

Finished in a dark green with white wheel arches and a tan interior. There are two policeman within, jewelled head lights, a blue light on the roof and 'Police' transfers on the boot and doors.
This model has lovely additional features such as opening bonnet and boot and a chrome knurled roof ring which allows the front steering to be directed. Finished with silver spun wheels, black grip tyres and chrome base and rear splash tyre guards..

Condition. Very, Near Mint.
Almost perfect. One tiniest mark on boot grip. if you rattle the model somthing maybe loose inside but I can not work out what it is.

Box. Very, Near Mint.
Lovely box . One tiny crease. Special leaflet within.

Hard to find much better than this. Beautiful model.