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Corgi 497 The Man From U.N.C.L.E Thrushbuster. Near Mint.

£775.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 497 The Man From U.N.C.L.E Thrushbuster. Near Mint. 

Issued 1966 only. Rare cream version.

Produced to coincide with the popular TV series this was a great fun action car allowing the UNCLE team to alternate shooting out of the window as you pressed down the roof switch. This early version in white was only made for a year. The normal version is in metallic Blue.

Description & Condition.
This Oldsmobile car has a gleaming, deep creamy white finish, bright and complete bonnet logo though a little age stained and worn, detailed cast wheels. If you press the roof periscope the figure moves from side to side to shoot the enemy!
Minor marking around the raised roof square surrounding the periscope. Otherwise hardly a mark to be seen.
An outstanding original item and fully authentic in cream with no bonnet cast square surrounding the transfer. The paintwork is hard to fault, original with no touch ups (so common with this shade) and all original packaging and waverley ring.

Box & Packing. Excellent Plus-Near Mint.
The inner display stand is close to mint and has the darker grey stand. It holds the original Waverley ring. The outer box is strong and complete with no repair. Only the slightest of starter tears at one end to main flap. There is no inner card packing surround and no red and yellow ring that sits on the periscope or protector ring. There is no pricing or graffiti.

A lovely example of this scarce and sought after piece.