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Corgi 506 Police Panda Imp. Black roof version.

£195.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1968-69.

For a model that was only issued for 1-2 year period it received several colour changes and a box change.
This is one of 4 Police Imps I have just purchased all in mint and boxed condition.

This example in white with a black roof and cast wheels-jewelled headlights-tan interior-opening rear window-with a blue roof light. Inside is a policeman driving and a full 'Police' sign where the number plate would be and luminous 'Police' signs on each door.

Condition. Mint.
Superb shop fresh example as nice as they come.

Box Mint.
A beautiful 1st issue solid box with a packing ring to protect the roof light. Great graphics and special label applied 'Police Panda Imp' 'With luminous door panel'

As nice as they come.