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Corgi 801 Noddy's Car. Issued 1969-73.

£140.00 (Sold out)

Corgi 801 Noddy's Car. Issued 1969-73.

This superb detailed model of Noddy, Big Ears and Tessie in the rear is so captivating. Noddy's little car is in yellow with red bumpers and stunning chrome work with cast wheels.

Condition. Very Near Mint.
The bright work is mint and a perfect and clear un-damaged windscreen. There are   4-5 tiniest nicks, two on yellow and then around the left rear wheel arch. Big Ears and Tessie have slight box rubs around their hats. The base plate is un-marked.

Box. Near Mint.
The fragile window box is very nice, the card is bright and un-damaged. The cellophane is slightly crumpled with a tiny crack along the top. The internal card stand and backing is mint.

An iconic model for TV enthusiasts. A superb showroom presence.