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Corgi Gift Set 10 Marlin Rambler Sports

£550.00 (Sold out)

Corgi Gift Set 10 Marlin Rambler Sports Fastback & Ottersport Kayak & Trailer.

Issued 1968-69 Only. A Rare set in 11 months only 123,000 sets released.


This gift set was released in a unique colour both for the Rambler and Trailer in metallic blue over white for the gift set. Both models have cast spoke wheels There is a red over white canoe with canoeist and paddles and a spare canoe on a roof platform on top of the Rambler.

Condition.  Mint.

This is a superb example in original mint condition. All parts are there.

Box. Very, Near Mint.

Again an equally nice box and inner stand with wrap around packing piece (often missing).


The pictures tell the story better than I can but a scarce and superb set.