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Corgi Gift Set 15 Land-Rover with Rice’s Beaufort Double Horse Box.

£95.00 (Sold out)

Corgi Gift Set 15 Land-Rover with Rice’s Beaufort Double Horse Box.

Issued 1968-77.

1) Corgi 438 Land Rover in bright mid-blue with a white detachable canopy. It has a yellow interior with spare wheel attached to bonnet. The wheels are the silver spun type and it has suspension all round. There is a grey plastic tow hook at the rear. The ‘Corgi Pony Club’ transfers are complete each side of the canopy.
2) Corgi 112 Rice Beaufort Horse Box. This is in matching mid-blue with silver wheel arches and chassis and a white roof upper section. It has working opening side and rear drip down flaps with a detailed interior and partition for the brown mare and white foal. The wheels on the trailer are the cast type. There is a red plastic tow ring and a rear transfer advertising ‘Rice’.
3) The box is the window type with strong and undamaged cellophane window.

Condition. Very, Near Mint.
The Land Rover has 2-3 little marks around the door from mint. The transfers are complete but two corners just started to curl but nothing a little glue would not assist. The trailer has a little marked area on the right side and only occasional mark besides. The two horses are both there and original.

Box. Very Near Mint.
The window box is strong and about mint..
A very attractive gift set and very presentable.