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Corgi Gift Set 2 Land-Rover with Rice's Pony Trailer & Pony

£190.00 (Sold out)

Corgi Gift Set 2 Land-Rover with Rice's Pony Trailer & Pony. Issued 1958-68.


Striking brown Land Rover with apricot plastic canopy a red interior and silver shaped spun wheels with a spare mounted on the bonnet. There is a hook and grey base.

The trailer is matching brown with a cream roof and silver chassis.The working back drop door is brown. Inside is a pony in a winter wrap with original packing piece.

Condition. Almost Mint.

a very bright and fresh piece that appears to have been packed away forever. Just one little chip on the back of the Land-Rover so common where it can rub against the trailer tow hook. Tiny mark on the trailer hook also. Apart from this I would say mint.


A very nice sturdy box with it's original packing piece to help the modl on box base fit snug. The box base is near mint. The outer box strong with no damage. Just a little time ageing only.


Stunning piece that would light up any display.