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Corgi Gift Set 21 Superman 3 Vehicle set. Rare. Issued 1980-82 only.

£485.00 (Sold out)

Corgi Gift Set 21 Superman 3 Vehicle set. Rare. Issued 1980-82 only.

260 Superman Police Car in metallic blueand white body. It advertises 'City of Metropolis' on the bonnet with 'Police' in white and white stripes on each side. The roof is mounted with sirens, spot lamps and red warning lights. It has an off white interior andlots of chrome work including the wheels. The wheels and tyres are plastic. The model is in Mint condition.

265 Supermobile with Superman at the steering wheel. It has a blue body and red interior. It has working fists alternating from silver holders mounted to each side.It shoots rockets has plaenty of smart chrome work and 'Superman ' transfers to bonnet and each side of the tail fin. There are black plastic wheels below. In Mint condition.

925 Helecopter in red and white with 'Daily Planet advertising. It has yellow windscreen glass and also can shoot rockets. In Mint condition.

Also included are two sets or rockets on spriggs. One is complete the other eight attached and two loose to make the full 10.

Box. This is of the later window box type. So fragile and easy to damage over time this example is superb.The yellow inner plastic tray is Mint.
The outer box with great graphics and artworkis close to Mint. A minor corner tear top left only. The cellophane is complete with no damage. Overall very near mint.

A hard set to find especially in this superb mint boxed condition.