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Corgi Gift Set 37 Lotus Racing Team Set.

£480.00 (Sold out)

Corgi Gift Set 37 Lotus Racing Team Set. About mint/boxed. Issued 1966-69.

A sought-after Gift set made between 1966-69
The contents are in Mint condition, and comprise:

1) 490 VW Breakdown Truck in white with a yellow interior and silver shaped spun wheels.
2) Silver chassis on a red trailer both with silver shaped wheels..
3) 318 Lotus Elan S2 Open top in dark green with yellow racing stripe, red interior and silver shaped wheels.
4) 319 Lotus Elan S2 Hard Top in reverse yellow with dark green racing stripe, off white interior, and silver shaped spun wheels.
5) 155 Lotus Climax Racing Car in dark green and yellow racing stripe with racing decals ‘No 1’ applied.
Additional contents include a sealed bag of cones, full un-applied racing decals for both cars, a special members leaflet but also referring to the detachable chassis and a Corgi model brochure.

Condition. Mint.
I am unable to detect any faults. Impeccable condition.

Box. Very, Near Mint.
The box and polystyrene inner are very nice with no damage. The cellophane is superb, original and without crease or splits. There is an Italian shop keepers label applied to the top right corner. Only minor wear and marks.

Hard to fault. The successful buyer will be very happy with this item. Superb and one of the best sets available.