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Corgi Toys 1147 'Ferrymasters' Scammell Handyman

£160.00 (Sold out)

Corgi Toys 1147 'Ferrymasters' Scammell Handyman MK 3 Tractor & Trailer Unit

Description & Condition
This Scammell Handyman unit is finished in yellow and white with cast wheels-spare below front chassis-removeable truck plastic tops in yellow with 'Ferrymasters The International Hauliers' on each side. The front of cab 'Ferrymasters ' label is complete and bright with a red internal seating. This model is in amazing condition, just minor marks naturally a round the separating lug to rear section and one tiny nick on the trailer top edge from mint. Stunning example.

A vulnerable window box design in wonderful condition. No breaks to the original cellophane window, firm end flaps and bright outer box colours with a clean internal sleeve.

Hard to find much better than this one. Great example.