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Corgi Toys 204M 90 Mechanical

£335.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1956-59

Metallic Green body with the early silver flat wheels and the black mechanical base plate. Inside the early all blue box is a nice condition model list of early Corgi.

This is a superb and scarce example with bright paintwork, lovely shiny wheels and a very nice clean base plate. All windows are nice with no scratches. The only flaw from mint is the left side passenger door (bottom right corner) has a missing area of paint spray. The working motor is very nice and one of the best I have operated allowing the car to flow well. Not an easy colour and model to find.

This early blue box is complete and has all flaps with no repairs. Both main flaps have the most tiny starter tear but overall the card is bright. Flaps tuck in well. A very nice example of the model brochure is within.

A very nice example of this hard to find colour with a very good box.