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Corgi Toys 227 Morris Mini-Cooper Competition


Issued 1962-65

Description & Condition   Near Mint
This is a Corgi Toys 227 Morris Mini-Cooper Competition Model. In near mint condition with minor marks only.  The bonnet transfers were not best applied re the flag handles and a corner is missing on the chequered flag. A sought-after scarce Corgi rally model in bright mid-blue finish with a white roof and blue bonnet (standard issue has a white bonnet). Lemon interior. Shaped spun wheels have suspension, bold racing number 3 on both doors (bold i.e. thicker print) slight stains both sides but complete, jewelled headlights.

Box   Excellent
This box is complete with no repairs or damage. It just looks tired now. Good shape, no significant box creases either. No pricing. Complete with a Corgi membership leaflet.

A very nice and scarce model. Tired box but all there.