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Corgi Toys 270 Silver James Bond Aston Martin 1st Issue Winged Box. Rare.


Issued 1968-76

Description & Condition. Mint.
First issue from 1968. This is the first issue of the sought after James Bond Aston Martin model in silver, with gold plated bumpers and grill and is in complete and totally original condition, and always the most sought-after in this eye-catching wing box presentation. This is the more unusual version with dark red seating. It has the opening roof feature with the working ejector seat mechanism. Both figures of James Bond and villain are still seated inside. It has the rear bullet screen which can be raised and lowered, telescopic over-riders, retractable machine guns, revolving number plates and of course, the red tyre slasher blades on the rear wheels. All the features have been carefully tested.  The suspension
is fine on detailed spoked wheels.

Box. Near Mint.
The ‘winged box’ is complete and bright. Notably, the clear ‘blister’ is undamaged with none of the usual separation from the card at the front and no tearing at this site either. Both ‘wings’ are complete and intact too with light creasing. Colours are vivid. No graffiti and the header card has vivid graphics which have lost none of their vibrancy.

The removeable card plinth is very crisp and clean, looking fresh. Lightest depression only where the car sits.

The ejector roof sits well and all the features have been tested and perform well. A scarce piece but even harder to find with the darker red seating.
An iconic Corgi model in mint condition. Just some of the number plates are applied from the secret instruction pack which includes a mint bade and instruction sheet. There is no spare villain.
Fully light tested and no interference or touch-ups found.