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Corgi Toys 405 'Utilicon' A.F.A. Tender

£210.00 (Sold out)

Available for sale from my own long standing personal Corgi collection.

Issued 1956-60

Description & Condition  
A superb Bedford  Fire Tender in green with black roof ladder. One tiniest black spot surface mark below left side door transfer and  the right front wheel scratched. still  a superb model. It has the  early split windscreen and flat spun silver wheels. Tyres and base fresh. Sticky label mark on base will be easily removed with white spirit. No marking or chipping to the ladder.

A very nice fresh early blue box which would normally be  at least a 4.5 grade but for a price label badly removed from one end flap. Firm flaps with no damage and plenty of spring.

Fully light tested for touch-ins. None seen. Lovely original model.