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Corgi Toys 422 Bedford 12cwt 'Corgi Van' 1st Issue (copy)


Available for sale from my own long standing personal Corgi collection.

Issued 1960-62

Description & Condition   Almost Mint
A most collectable and delightful Bedford Van in iconic 'Corgi Toys' advertising. In bright yellow with blue roof this is the 1st issue with flat spun wheels and single windscreen.  The model is about mint and probably as made. The right side transfer has a folded crease in it and was not spread before setting and there is a small mark above this on the high edge seam. Other than this faultless. Such a lovely model and fully understandable why it is sought after  with being a limited issue.

Box   Near Mint
It comes in a bright blue & yellow picture box. Pencil pricing to one end. In great shape and displaying very little wear at all.

Superb model and nice box. Fully light tested totally original with no added touch-ins.