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Corgi Toys 430 Bermuda Taxi

£170.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1962-64

Using the Ford Thunderbird convertible body this model was finished in white with yellow seating, silver spun shaped wheels. Included was a driver and a plastic sun canopy with red trimming with a blue top. It is also possible to find the canopy in green and yellow which make a very attractive trio. Less than 250,000 units were made of this model and as a result not always that easy to find. Yellow 'Taxi' labels were applied to each door and 'Bermuda' across the boot. The canopy was placed through a canopy pin into the boot behind the back seats.

Condition. About Mint
Apart from a tiny smudge mark on the drivers shoulder I can see no fault. There are complete 'Taxi' labels on the sides and 'Bermuda' label to the boot. Lovely working suspension with fine tread tyres like new and shiny silver spun wheels. A superb example.
Box. Excellent Plus
A nice complete box. No repairs. Some age wear but still a good box. A shop keepers price label one side.

Not the easiest model to find and a very attractive collection piece.