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Spot-On 100SL Ford Zodiac with lights. Issued 1961-62.

£160.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 100SL Ford Zodiac with lights. Issued 1961-62.

A superb two tone in a white upper section and yellow lower section with cream interior and a black half steering wheel. The removable battery compartment is attached within the base plate. Independent working suspension all round.

Condition.  Almost Mint.
Apart from a mark on the right side lower panel just over the wheel arch there is only minor box rubbing at the bumpers and a small casting mark. There is a front number plate but no rear plate. Wonderful condition.

Box. Good-Near Mint.
This is the black and red panelled picture box showing the model with working lights. It has one missing side flap otherwise a near mint box. It comes complete with the collectors picture card , assembly instruction and a 'five reasons why leaflet' all in very nice folded condition.

A superb example and a very nice box , shame about the missing flap.