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Spot-On 102 Bentley Saloon. Issued 1959-64.

£145.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 102 Bentley Saloon. Issued 1959-64.

This model is finished in lighter blue above and mid grey lower section. It has a cream interior with black three pronged steering wheel. Number plates 'LBL 100' are attached.

Condition. Very, Near Mint.
Overall in lovely condition. Main faults are a little high edge wear on the right side and some number plate loss at the front, only minor marks besides. All wheels, tyres and base very nice.

Box. Fair-Excellent Plus.
There is one side and one end flap missing from opposite end to model description. It retains strong structure generally but a little crumpling.

A nice honest example but won't break the bank.