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Spot-On 102 Bentley Saloon. Metallic Green & Silver.

£275.00 (Sold out)

Supplied from the boyhood 'Wiltshire collection.
Issued 1959-64.

This model is finished in metallic green above and silver lower section. It has a red interior with cream four pronged steering wheel. Number plates 'LBL 100' are attached.

Condition.  Near Mint Plus.
Always a popular model in a striking colour combination. Overall in lovely condition. Occasional marks only. Complete rear number plate reads 'LBL100' there is no front number plate. Very nice clean wheels, tyres and base plate.

Box. Excellent.
The box is complete with all end flaps and good structure. One main end flap has been strengthened with tape. There are no additional repairs or any need. It comes complete with the picture card  and a 'Five rasons why' leaflet in nice condition. The box has the correct colour spot applied at the descriptive end.

A very nice example and very presentable in this attractive livery.